St. Pancras School

Turning Today‘s Learners Into Tomorrow‘s Leaders Glendale, NY

Summer Office Hours

  • June 26th-29th (9am to 12pm)
  • July 5th and 6th (9am to 12pm)
  • July 11th-13th (9am to 12pm)
  • August 1st-3rd (9am to 12pm)
  • August 8th-10th (9am to 12pm)
  • August 21st-24th (8am to 3pm)
  • August 28th-31st (8am to 3pm)
  • September 6th: First day of school (7:50am to 12pm for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade)
  • September 11th: First Full day of school (Nursery through Eighth)

Turning Today's Learners Into Tomorrows Leaders