St. Pancras School

Turning Today‘s Learners Into Tomorrow‘s Leaders Glendale, NY

Our School

We unite with the parish to profess our common faith and establish Catholic identity through faith formation.  Our catholicity influences every educational activity and all of our policies, procedures and relationships. We evangelize and profess a common faith in Jesus Christ.

We promote academic excellence by developing the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of all of our children.  Every child is encouraged to succeed to the fullest potential through a variety of experiences that include:

-Challenging academic, grade appropriate curriculum that meets and in many cases exceeds New York State curriculum requirements.

-Daily school prayer experiences that nurture Catholic identity with active participation in liturgies and ceremonies celebrating the rituals that inspire, teach and develop Christian service.

-Sacramental preparation according to norms established and promulgated by Diocesan policy.

-Recognizing and assisting parents as the primary teachers of their children develop Christian love and community by proclaiming, evangelizing and leading our young people to a Christ centered ministry of Hope, Love and Community.  Children develop and share their God given talents.

-Parents and teachers work together as partners in education and models of Christian community and service.