St. Pancras School

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Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the St. Pancras Home School       Association


Article II – Objective

The objective of this organization shall be to foster a meaningful    understanding of the ideals of Catholic Education through communication,       cooperation, awareness and responsible action in our school community.


Article III – Respect for School Policies

The Home School Association shall respect the established school         policies set forth by the Pastor and School Principal.


Article IV – Membership

Membership to this organization is required of all parents and guardians of

the students of St. Pancras School.  All faculty shall be considered            members of the Home School Association.  Membership dues will be collected with the first tuition payment.


Article V – Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Home School Association shall be the             governing committee of the Association and will be comprised of at least          five but no more than seven elected or volunteer members at-large.


The Executive Board will designate a Board convener each year who shall          call the general and Executive Board meetings to order and serve as              committee chair for one year.


The Executive Board will designate a controller for one year who will be    responsible for all matters concerning money transactions and collections.


The Executive Board will designate a board member who will be    responsible for handling board correspondence, advertising open   meetings and sending notice for board meetings as well as recording and         distributing the minutes of the meetings.


A term of office for the Executive Board will be two years.  A minimum of    five board members must be maintained during the term of office.



Article VI – Spiritual Advisor

The Pastor shall be the moderator and spiritual advisor.


Article VII – Meetings

Executive Board meetings shall take place on a regular basis.


Open meetings shall take place at least three times a year.

Special meetings can be called as needed by a majority vote of the           Executive Committee and with the approval of the Pastor and School   Principal.


Article VIII – Dues

Dues shall be collected  by the association.


Article IX – Executive Committee Membership

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Pastor, the School    Principal, and seven Executive Board members.  The Executive Board will      select a convener and controller each year, the Board will serve for two     years.


Article X – Amendments

Amendments to this constitution may be made by presenting a written     proposal to the Executive Committee.  The Committee would then    disseminate the information to the Home School membership in writing for        approval.


No amendment shall be approved which is in conflict with the rules and regulations governing the school as established by the Pastor or School      Principal, or with the regulations established by the Office of the     Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese.




















Section I – Committee Convener

The Committee Convener shall preside at all of the meetings of the          Association be it General or Executive.


Shall sign all correspondence of the Association.


Shall establish the agenda of the meetings with the assistance of the      Pastor, School Principal and other committee members.


Section II – Controller

The Controller shall provide for the collection of dues and deposit them in           the Association’s account.


Shall keep an accurate account of the same.

Shall pay all bills that have been approved by the Executive Committee.


Shall present financial report at all meetings.


Section III – Recording Secretary

A recording secretary shall be identified by the Executive Board to handle             the correspondence of the Board and shall:

1.  Keep the minutes of the Executive Board and the Open Home                                School meetings.

2.  Send out reminders to Executive Board members of Board                                     meetings.

3.  Advertise open meetings.


Section IV – Committee Membership

Executive Board Membership shall be comprised of at least five (5) but not          more than seven (7) volunteer/elected at-large members who are willing to         serve a two year term.

Members to this committee shall:

1.  Assist the controller in the collection of dues.

2.  Assist in the development of new programs.

3.  Assist in the dissemination of information regarding meetings                               and other information pertinent to the Association.

4.  Assist in the preparation and clean up of the Open Home School


5.  Attend area meetings that request parent representation.


Section V – Elections/Volunteers for the Executive Board

A call for elections/volunteers to serve on the Executive Board will be         made             every second year during April to the general body of the Home    School Association.  The Association will advertise that seven Executive Board             positions are open and available and that a Board convener and           controller will be selected by the Executive Committee.


If more than seven people submit their name or are nominated to the       Executive Board, an election for the positions will be during the May          meeting.


The current Executive Board may submit their name for another term of    office provided that an insufficient response is received from the at-large      membership.


Section VI – Rules of Order

When needed, any procedure not covered by this Constitution shall be     covered by Roberts Rules of Order.


Section VII – Agenda

All meetings shall follow the order of business as follows:


a.  Prayer

b.  Reading of previous minutes

c.  Controller’s report

d.  Report of all business

e.  Introduce speaker/topic for discussion

f.   Adjournment/refreshments